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ProvideTelecom Solar Solutions

Solar is becoming a fast turnkey solution for powering the telecom industry. Solar system for tele-communication is an effective tool where conventional electricity is un-available, impractical and also be used to reduce DG cost and have a faithful back up system.
RTU, microwave repeaters, television and radio repeater sites are commonly located on mountaintops or otherwise remote sites which are not easily accessible. Hence power support through the Solar becomes the optimum solution for such sites.

Our Solutions

Standalone Solar Solution for BTS
Solar/Diesel Hybrid Solution for BTS


Cost EffectiveSolar Power Solutions for Telecom Sector

We provide innovative solar solutions for telecom sector that helps in reducing downtime and bringing down energy costs. These solutions ensure reliable and on-site power supply for operating base terminal stations, microwave repeater stations, satellite radio and telemetry systems. These custom designed solar power solutions are ideal for powering tower sites and reducing dependence on fuel hungry diesel gensets.

Core Features

  • Ensuring site power for 24/7
  • Lowering Fuel Opex
  • Optimizing DG fuel efficiency
  • Avoiding huge fuel transportation hassle
  • Lowering DG Maintenance Opex


  • Complete integrated power systems
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Remote control monitoring
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Eco-Friendly