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Solar Street Lighting System

SPS's Solar LED Street Lights are ideal choice for most economical illumination of common areas in housing societies, industrial and commercial complexes, roads and highways. Depending on the nature of application, we have appropriate solutions to offer. Apart from a set of standard street lighting models, we also have customized solutions for non-standard requirements. Solar Street Lights can be installed either in standalone configuration where solar panel and battery are fixed on the pole itself; or they can be a centralized lighting system feeding battery stored solar energy to the lights in each pole. In centralized system, the solar panels, batteries and inverter are located at a central place.

solar street light

These street lights are available with automatic dusk to dawn operation

Save the Energy

Products like solar street lights are the need of the hour. It could be a great choice instead of conventional halogen light and tube light. It will not only save the electricity bill but will also illuminate the path in an eco-friendly way. The solar street lights are designed after great research work. its unique design and features makes it an ideal choice for rural area.

Brighten up the darkest lane of the village with the power of sun even at midnight, install solar street light and find green energy solution. We manufactures reliable and practical solar street lights. These portable lights are easily installed and have almost-zero maintenance.

How it Work

solar street light

When the sun’s radiation falls on a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, current is generated.


The current produced from the PV panels is controlled and regulated by an inbuilt/standalone charge controller/inverter. The inverter sends the current to charge the battery.


When the connected appliances are switched on, the charge controller/inverter also helps regulate the current from the battery, sending it to the output appliance to provide light and energy.


  • Ideal for remote area lighting.
  • Safe and easy to install.
  • Highly advanced charge controllers.
  • Long battery life ensured.
  • Automatic switching facility
  • Over charge, deep discharge & over load
  • Adequate protections and indications
  • Highly efficient luminary
  • 100% water proof, rust proof & shock proof
  • Dusk to dawn operation