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InstallationRooftop Solar

When the rays of the sun fall on solar modules placed on the rooftop of houses, commercial building or industries, the individual cells inside the module help convert sunlight into DC electricity. However, most appliances in our home work on AC electricity, and therefore the modules are connected to an inverter which does this conversion. Once the conversion has happened, the output of the inverter which is AC electricity, is connected to the mains of your home to allow you to use solar energy.


Solar Power Systems is a leader in solar rooftop installations. Our rooftop solar systems help customers become self-sufficient in power generation, while also allowing them to feed-in excess solar power to the local electricity grid.


The beauty of an off-grid solar system from Solar Power Systems is that it provides the most reliable power possible, making you independent of power cuts, without the hassle of a diesel generator or battery inverter system.

Rooftop Solutions

Rooftop Solar installation is a quick and easy solution to meet energy requirement at consumption point. It is also a cost effective solution that helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

Solar Power Systems has the capability and capacity to handle any scale of rooftop solar power projects, both On-Grid and Off-Grid Solutions, from concept to design & development and up to project commissioning. Solar Power Systems aims to provide solar rooftop solutions to industries and commercial establishments from KW to MW scale.

  • Be an independent power producer

InstallationRooftop Solar Power Plant in India

Rooftop Solar is the new concept that has caught the attention of Solar industry watchers. After an enormous leap towards utility scale solar power plants in India, the players are finally moving to the untapped market of rooftop solar power plants in India. The change in direction may seem simplistic to a layman, but this change entails a plethora of surprises and challenges. Firstly, the biggest change is the consideration of shadow effects. The rooftops in India are not custom made for the installation of rooftop solar power plants. The rooftops are full of various structures, heat vents, containers, water tanks, etc. The design of the solar project becomes a challenge of altogether different level. Secondly, unlike utility scale projects on clear grounds, away from the densely- populated cities and under the skies, rooftop solar power plants in India are put up in the cities with pollution and not so open areas leading to high temperature and low irradiation for solar panels. Thirdly, the rooftops do not always allow the most favorable direction for solar project installation, i.e., South. The roofs determine the direction and hence, the generation takes a hit. Fourthly, the rooftop solar power plants are of mini scale sizes when compared with the utility scale solar power plants. Thus, the economies of scale come into play which in turn hits the viability of the project. Finally, the availability of load at client's end, the net metering regulations, etc. play a role too in the financial feasibility of the rooftop solar power plants in India.

Energy SavingLock in electricity tariffs for maximum savings

Electricity tariffs are increasing month on month and if you don’t act now, soon they will be costing you a fortune!! Going solar with Solar Power Systems not only gives you instant savings, but also protects you from any rate hikes for 20 years. Imagine paying less than your neighbour year on year!! How does it work? It’s very simple. We install the system on your roof, and you pay for units generated by the plant at a tariff typically lower than the grid. Allow us to give you a sense of your prospective savings.